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Shrek the Third Details Revealed
Platforms, developers, and first (vague) details.
By Jared Black 11/01/2006 21:21:32 PST
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Shrek the Third

Today Activision revealed a few more details about Shrek the Third, a multiplatform title based on the third movie in the Shrek franchise due out next May.

The game has been confirmed for a number of platforms, including Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS, GBA, and finally PC. Yep, no PS3 despite our previous speculation. Additionally, Shaba Games will handle development on console platforms, Vicarious Visions will do the honors on Nintendo DS & GBA, Amaze Entertainment is doing the PSP version, and finally Beenox is doing the PC version.

Along with the confirmed platforms and developers, Activision promised an all-new adventure with new challenges, characters, environments, and the same brand of humor found in previous games in the franchise.

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