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EA Cutting PS2/Xbox Prices
Two upcoming titles to debut at $39.95.
By Jared Black 02/21/2006 13:53:07 PST
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LOS ANGELES, Feb 21 (Reuters) - Electronic Arts Inc. said on Tuesday it will debut its "The Godfather" and "Black" games at $39.95, a 20 percent discount to previous debut prices, as video game publishers grapple with a console technology transition that is denting sales.

The world's biggest video game publisher on Monday shipped "Fight Night Round 3" to retailers with a suggested price of $39.95 for current generation PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles.

"$39 is resonating with consumers given the transition," EA spokesman Jeff Brown said. "There are indications that $39 is a solid and sustainable price point."

Video game sales have tumbled as consumers wait and save for new consoles. Game publishers for months have said that price cuts on current-generation games could be used to spur sales.

EA on Jan. 20 lowered the price on its racing game "Need for Speed Most Wanted" to $39.95 from $49.95 as sales flagged. The price cut stabilized sales, Brown said.

"Black" is due Feb. 28 and "The Godfather" is slated for release on March 21.

Microsoft Corp. released its next-generation Xbox 360 video game console in November but supplies have been limited. Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd have said they will debut their new machines later this year.

Most next-generation console games are debuting at $59.99.

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