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World of Warcraft Announces Patch 1.11 features
Mages get a class review, 40-man Raid Naxxramas added
By Nick Arvites 04/12/2006 14:18:19 PST
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The official World of Warcraft in development page was updated today to give gamers a look at what the 1.11 patch will include.

Mages will get a class review. According to the in development page, "Some of the aspects the class designers will be looking to improve include easing a mage's downtime between fights and opening some new, interesting talent builds through changes to all the mage's talent trees."

To those keeping track, the only classes that haven't recieved a Talent review (as of 1.10) are Mages, Shaman, and Rogues. Indications from the Official World of Warcraft forums are that Shaman are next, and Rogues will be last.

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