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Wanted Coming to Current Consoles (Xbox 360/PS3) and PC
The movie-based game you didn’t know you wanted.
By Jared Black 07/19/2008 17:30:26 PST
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So many puns here...

Universal Pictures announced during this week’s E3 that it will publish a Wanted game, based on the recent movie, with Warner Bros. Interactive.  The storyline is set directly after the conclusion of the movie, with third-person gameplay featuring mechanics from the film such as curving bullets and an "Assassin Time" mode to slow down time.

The game is set for current platforms and PC, with development handled by Sweden-based GRIN.  We got to take a peek at an early build of Wanted running on Xbox 360 during E3, and came away more impressed by a movie-based game than we should be. We’ll have a full preview of it soon.

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